Information Technology

DatamanUSA has expertise attracting, recruiting and retaining qualified IT consultants. We use our proven and proactive approaches, processes and tools practiced for 20 years, to provide staff with required skills. Our staffing approach is driven by selecting meticulous screening process, combining our understanding of the requirement, and similar experience in staffing government and private sector organizations. Our culture, technology platform and compensation system are consistent across categories which are all designed to find, attract and retain the BEST talent across the entire numerous job categories. The process, training and personnel are tuned specifically for the idiosyncrasies of each category. This way of doing business has helped us enjoy national recognition/awards for growth and achievement in our field. DatamanUSA has vast expertise and experience in sourcing, attracting and retaining the best IT professionals in the United States today. DatamanUSA has expertise across numerous industries and technologies. Our recruiting team and management team have decades of experience in the IT industry and have long-term relationships with candidates across the country. 

Our services include;

  • Temporary Staffing
  • Temp to hire
  • Contract
  • Payroll Services
  • Permanent Placement 

Recruitment Management System:  DatamanUSA uses a custom proprietary staffing portal called “RMS”, which provides an easy interface to our Technical Recruiters and accounts team. RMS provides very tight collaboration in various teams included in the whole recruitment process. Our recruitment manager keeps a close eye on the recruitment process using RMS. It provides various tools and features such as, requirement status, number of requirements currently opened, assigned recruiters, submissions made by particular recruiter, etc. RMS currently has more than 400,000 resumes in its database. It also has feedback and comment options. With the combination of our management controls, our ten-step recruitment process based on ISO framework, along with tools like RMS, we ensure consistency in recruiting, screening, and presenting each consultant to our customers. Our Account Manager with support from our Recruiting Manager, will oversee the process flow to ensure consistency throughout the ten steps and to assure high quality candidates are delivered to our customers.

Methodology and tools used to ensure consistency:  To ensure consistent best fit for our customers, DatamanUSA will use our ten-step recruiting framework also referred to as our recruitment productivity process, which breaks recruitment down into ten clearly-identifiable steps. The factors that make our process unique are the way we execute these steps and DatamanUSA’s long established, proven staffing experience. Resource Management is a DatamanUSA core competency executed according to best practices developed through industry analysis and optimization. There are management controls throughout the process. Each of the ten steps has its own key metrics, and team members are held accountable for performance against them. We report on metrics every day, making adjustments to ensure that we deliver client’s objectives as productively as possible. This selective recruitment policy ensures that only the best of the software industry are inducted and they provide cost-effective solutions to the challenging information technology needs to meet up to our customers satisfaction.